Graphic Design, User Experience
The Space
The Digital Greenhouse is Guernsey's innovation hub which sees over 10,000 people come through its doors each year. As part of my work at the Digital Greenhouse I under took a design refresh of the space and used the opportunity to use the difference surfaces within the space to communication sponsorship branding and activity data in the form of infographics.  Using the Greenhouse theme I first designed large signage for each of the hireable meeting spaces including a large tool shelf design merging Greenhouse tools and digital devices. 
To grab the most attention I used the most noticeable area to create a large wall to wall hand painted infographic design. This enabled for the communication of key metrics about the success of the Digital Greenhouse Project as well as providing a space for key sponsors logos. 
Customer Experience 
To ensure the best customer experience at the Digital Greenhouse I have implemented regular reviews of the space and user experience. This involved a full user experience review of the space and interactions members have with the Digital Greenhouse. Some of the out comes included:
- Simplifying the on boarding and off boarding processes
- Introducing online tools for members to use the space e.g. online room bookings
- Development of the space to increase desk space and changes off the back of members feedback.
- Introduction of small meeting pods for informal meetings

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